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This is it.  My first book.  It might be my only book but I'm damn proud of it.  This story is my story but I wrote it for you.  I wrote it because I believe that I'm not the only one that struggles with feelings of unworthiness or believing they're not enough or unlovable.  But I overcame those feelings (mostly) and you can too.  

This story is about how those feelings can lead us to make unwise choices, to allow others to take advantage of us and essentially, to spend our entire lives in a state of "please, perfect, perform, prove".  This way of being is unhealthy and can result in many illnesses, including anxiety, depression and addiction.  It is only when we can uncover and let go of the root cause of these emotions, can we begin to heal and live a life that is aligned with our core values.  When we recognize that our thoughts are coming from a belief or experience from our past that is no longer valid, we can start to control how those thoughts impact our emotions and change the emotional response.  The result is amazing.  This awareness of our thoughts, where they come from and their validity has a tremendous impact on our emotional and physical well-being!

Finally, I've linked all of this to Leadership.  We have been through some incredible challenges in the last two years and these challenges are not going to end anytime soon.  The world is dynamic, it is volatile and we need leadership that is able to effectively lead their teams through these challenges.  We need leadership based less on ego and more on relationships.  I've designed a model of five virtues, which I call BRAVE™.  I believe these virtues should be at the core of today's and tomorrow's leaders.





Emotionally conscious

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